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New Providence, NJ Outdoor Signs for Businesses Boost Foot Traffic

Posted by Gary Baron on Tue, Feb 7, 2023 @ 01:57 PM

When you walk past 1312 Springfield Avenue, the Lavender And Sage Shop is an immediate eye-catcher. It is an insider tip for customers looking for unique gifts that are ethically sourced and different from what they might see at other retailers. The company recently decided to hire The Sign Center for a combination of New Providence, NJ, outdoor signs for businesses.

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Marketing 101 - Your Sign

Posted by Gary Baron on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 09:39 AM

When it comes to businesses marketing to customers, it can basically be defined as "the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships." You could also say that, at it's core, marketing is about identifying, satisfying and keeping your customers.

And every one of those steps can be heavily-influenced by signage, especially the kind that showcases the branding of your logo and message.

In fact, the value of signs as marketing tools is as simple to understand as ABC
  • Attracting New Customers: Some studies say that 85% of your customers live within five miles of your business. That means if you want to find customers outside your base after you've saturated the local market, you're going to need to use outdoor signs and other techniques to get them.
  • Branding Your Business: Since so many of your potential customers leave nearby, they should be come so familiar with your brand and business that it's second-nature for them to stop in when they need something. That's only going to happen if there are signs outside and around town constantly reminding them about your brand.
  • Creating Impulse Sales: Chances are, at some point, a sign has made you stop what you were doing and enter a store to buy something. Maybe you didn't know you wanted that item until you saw the sign but you knew as soon as you saw it that you were going to get what you need. Impulsive sales cannot be overlooked and signage like illuminated signs can help you secure more of them.
If you truly want to follow "marketing 101" when it comes to promoting your business, you'll want to make sure you're taking advantage of signage to the fullest. And here are some of the best options available for you:
  • Carved Signs - If you are located near a street or open space where customers pass by often, a carved sign can be a great way to spark attention and build dependable branding. There are plenty of ways to make a carved sign stand out, including making it gilded, sandblasted, painted with vinyl graphics or lighted. Quality sign companies will make durable signs that won't warp from weather or time as well as making sure the paint won't crack. Like your brand, your sign should last a long time.
  • Illuminated Signs- Chances are, your customers don't stop needing things once the sun goes down. So a lighted sign makes a lot of sense. Even during the day, they attract attention and stand out from the crowd. Thanks to technology like LED, the landscape of signage has changed as the list of things you can do has increased exponentially.
  • Monument Signs - If your business is inside a plaza or office complex, a monument sign is a great way to let customers know they can find you inside with a style of signage that stands the test of time and provides a durable branding opportunity. The weather-resistant material should last you for years as your business grows and your brand remains strong. Just like the sign.
  • Painted Signs - Is your business about attention to detail, quality or artisan craft? Then a painted sign might be the best option for your business. A painted sign showcases quality graphics and/or images that speak to your desire for customers to see you and expect quality from your business.
  • Awnings - Sometimes a sign isn't a sign. If an awning makes sense for your business, it can be like multiple signs in one. You can choose from hundreds of styles, colors and graphics that complement your building, logo and branding. It's hard to go wrong with awnings.

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Commercial Signage: Lighted signs, carved signs, what's the right sign?

Posted by Gary Baron on Fri, Jun 1, 2012 @ 03:01 PM

Whether you're starting your own business from scratch, opening a local franchise or managing the new location of a major corporation, there's one concern that every single business share.

Making sure people know where you are and who are are.

Regardless of your size or brand, there's one solution to that problem for everyone...signage.

However, the question of what kind of sign works best for you and your brand is where the differences emerge. Different types of signs provide different values and levels of branding.

Let's take a look at some of the options available in commercial signage to determine what works best for your business:

Lighted Signs - When you want your message to really stand out from the crowd, especially once the sun goes down, you'll want to look into lighted signs. These signs attract the eye and get passers-by to focus on your business.

Anyone looking specifically for your logo won't be able to miss it and those traveling by won't be able to help but notice it.

Neon is a mainstay of the lighted sign world but LED is also an extremely viable option, one that has changed the landscape of lighted signs. It may be worth the investment given the opportunities LED presents to making your business stand out from the crowd.

Carved Signs - If you're located near a street or want to give you signage some depth, a carved sign may work best for you. A quality carved sign showcases attention to detail and craftsmanship, qualities that you want people to associate with your brand and business.

Carved signs are often gilded, sandblasted, painted with vinyl graphics or lighted and any good sign company can provide these services to make your brand pop as potential customers drive by.

With carved signs, it's important to make sure the substrates are designed not to warp. That would allow paint to crack, which could lead to peeling.

Painted Signs - If you want to give your brand or business a real hand-crafted or personal touch, how about a painted sign. There's an attention to detail that comes across in a painted sign that customers truly appreciate.

Signs can be strictly paint or include vinyl graphics, painted graphics or even digital graphics.

Monument Signs
- Is your business inside a plaza or shopping center. Stand out from the crowd with this elegant option that creates immediate brand awareness and provides an air of professionalism perfect for any office or company.

Quality monument signs are made from weather-resistant material that withstands climate changes and remains as-is for years. A well-crafted sign should stand the test of time.

Dimensional Signs - Does every business around you have the same-old lettering and font on their signs? Stand out with dimensional letters and signs that make your logo and company name instantly eye-catching.

There's little to limit what kind of dimensional look you want. Various metal and acrylics are available and you can choose between flush-mounted or stud-mounted options to see which one works best for you.

Framed Aluminum Signs - Need a sign that really pops but don't have a budget to go nuts with? Then you might want to try a framed aluminum sign. Put your company info on an aluminum sheet with graphics, surrounded by angle aluminum framing and all of a sudden you've got a great sign that will stand the test of time without costing you an arm and a leg.

There are quite a few more options out there for you so I suggest you check out a quality sign company near you to find out what they can do to help your shout your branding and message to the rooftops!

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Your sign is branding your business 24/7

Posted by Gary Baron on Thu, May 24, 2012 @ 12:48 PM

It's the first thing a person sees when walking down the road.  The very first impression made on that soon to be daily customer.  The one main indicator that will be associated with you and your product from that moment on: the sign.  Proclaimer of good things, attractor of desire, beckoner to pleasure, a business' sign tells just enough to leave passerbys wondering.  A business' name is its title, something to call it, but the sign is the soul of a company, a way to recognize it when it's not even expected, providing consistency of look and feel.

By using branding, signage, marketing and other advertisements, you are creating for your business a reputation that is proven with every experience and visually reinforced upon every encounter.  Soon the aspects of the sign seen in your front window will become associated in the minds of loyal customers with your product, and recognized wherever they go as a testament to what you provide.

The combination of your unique complementing colors, recognizable symbols and confident lettering should become a known sign that reflects your company itself.  Keeping a consistent look for yourself in the way you use branding creates a specific ideal for customers to associate with you.  By presenting a constant and identifiable front with the physical signs of your company, you give your business a personality for customers to attribute the quality of your service with.  Your branding, signage, marketing tools becomes the visual assurance that you can be counted on, and that travels farther than other strategies ever could to make customers remember you and your product.  

Whatever it is that makes your company unique and spectacular in its very own way, that is what should also be heralded by your signs.  With your corporate logos and trademarked colors, you have unlimited choices as to size, shape and lighting of your sign.  It's what will link your locations together as you grow and expand, ensuring a great first impression that you need only to uphold.  It's what will help establish and maintain trust between your company and your consumers.  It’s the stamp of approval and assurance that you can be counted on just as every other bearer of this particular emblem has proven.

As assuredly as the saying that "your word is your bond", your sign is indeed your brand, recognizable in whatever form it appears.  Branding, signage, marketing are all forms of advertisement that can serve to create for you business an element of irresistibility and charm.  From the cheerful awning over your door to the sign leading from the freeway.  The menu board, "SALE" banner and decal on the side of your vehicles all point to a confident business that is not afraid to put its name for all to see.  Each sign is the same, which notifies viewers that you can be counted of for consistency of look and feel, assuring the same high quality of service at the same time.

To make sure that this most cost effective and valuable form of marketing is used to achieve the full potential of your business, don't leave the details to chance.  Enlist the aid of an experienced partner who can work hand in hand with your company to learn what it is that makes you special.   Easily then will expert designers set to work creating the perfect reflection of your company’s mission and values.  Your sign is your brand, every single day.

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Carved Signs - why wood is not recommended

Posted by Gary Baron on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 @ 09:45 AM

It used to be that wood was the ideal material from which to carve business signs. Versatile and easy to work with for those who know how, it dominated for hundreds of years. There is, however, one major drawback to using wood to make carved signs, and that is durability. Wooden signs are susceptible to the damaging effects of the weather, and those hung outside a building just don't last as long as you might like.

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Branding and your sign...how can it help your bottom line?

Posted by Gary Baron on Tue, Jan 3, 2012 @ 02:46 PM

Branding standards can move your businesses' bottom line

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Can branding standards move your businesses' bottom line...

Posted by Gary Baron on Fri, Aug 5, 2011 @ 10:11 AM

I’m sure there are some business people who have come across the word branding standards in their business careers, and I’m equally sure there are even more out there who have no idea what it is.

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The Effectiveness of a Quality Carved Sign

Posted by Gary Baron on Mon, Aug 1, 2011 @ 02:20 PM

In today's market, consumers are bombarded by images and sounds advertising many products.  With attention spans at an all time low, it is crucial for any business or individual selling a product to grab the attention of any possible customer.  By using dynamic, carved signs, one can not only draw in business off the street, but can place the idea of the product in the consumer's mind.

Recognizable from far off, popular brand names like Old Navy or Coca-Cola can draw in heavy foot traffic from the use of their logo on a well placed sign or billboard.  In the same respect, a business owner, either situated in the big city or small town, can increase interest in their store by using a unique, carved sign.

The craftsmanship in carved signs shows that your business has a strong, lasting work ethic behind it.  Not only does the sign instill your product or service in the mind of the consumer, but it serves as a quaint landmark in a shopping district, or adds to the charm of a quiet block.  As a business owner, you can develop a bright colorful logo to fit with the modern pace of society driven by the technological world, or you can fall back to a more reliable, classy medium for your sign. 

Carved signs take us back to the peaceful days when strong values floated on the breezes that caused the familiar carved signs on main street to swing on their hinges.  While a large beer billboard may loom over a dirty expressway, carved signs will always be a traditional staple in shopping districts all over the world, waving customers in.

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What makes a great carved sign

Posted by Gary Baron on Fri, Jan 7, 2011 @ 07:31 PM

The same principals that make any sign good…contrast between the elements, simple streamlined graphics that are eye candy making the public wanting to look at it as they drive by your business.

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Add a little bling to your carved sign

Posted by Gary Baron on Sun, Oct 3, 2010 @ 10:25 AM

Carved signs represent your company with a message of quality and attention to detail that customers want to associate with.

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