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Vendor vs partner...choose a sign company as a member of your team

Posted by Gary Baron on Thu, Jun 6, 2013 @ 12:44 PM

Brain researchers have definitive proof that working together in teams and collaborating onprojects actually makes us smarter asa species. The very act of solving problems, coming up with newideas and facing challenges causes our brains to grow. What all this science means is we should seek out ways to partner with others because we are better working together than we are apart.

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Franchisee and Franchisors: the pros of working with a sign company that understands branding

Posted by Gary Baron on Thu, May 31, 2012 @ 02:57 PM

No one understands the value of maintaining and promoting a brand more than franchisees and franchisors. The relationship between the two parties exists because of the value both have for their brand and the ability to promote it.

With customers in your market being bombarded with messaging and signage unlike ever before, it's your brand that becomes your best weapon in the fight for market share and awareness.

It is paramount to work with a sign company that understands branding. A sign company that understands branding, use of logos, color match, branding standards and their inherent values can put your franchise on the right path.


Both the franchisee and the franchisor want to deliver a consistent message that leans on the overall marketing and advertising reach while also driving home the key branding message in the neighborhood. A sign company that understands that won't tinker unnecessarily with the colors, logos or anything else. They'll focus on delivering signage that stays true to your exact needs and specifications.

A franchise is about maintaining a consistent message across all points of contact with the brand. The sign outside your store is a major part of that, don't leave it in the hands of a sign company that doesn't understand that.


A sign company that has worked in the industry for a long time picks up more than a few tricks. Working with large corporate clients and upstart entrepreneurs gives a sign company the experience it needs to anticipate logo and color issues as well as the challenges that come with any branding presentation.

This may be your first go at creating signage for your franchise but a quality sign company that has experience dealing with franchisees and franchisors can provide valuable insight into the process and foresee any critical issues that might arise that you would not be aware of otherwise.


It's not just about putting your franchise logo above the door, sitting back and waiting for the customers to roll in. What about outdoor lighted signs, LED letters, indoor signage for your entrance lobby, vehicle signage, street banners to announce your grand opening, etc. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the promoting and marketing of your brand.

Not to mention the different needs between opening one franchise and opening multiple locations at the same time. Can your sign company handle the added demand on quantities while also keeping the branding in mind?

Your sign company should be able to provide quality solutions to all of these sign needs without sacrificing your brand or 100% focus on the messaging you are trying to get across to potential customers.

Save Money

When done correctly, signage is the most cost effective form of marketing. When a franchisor does their job to promote the brand and drive customers to your business, a clear, concise and on-point sign is often the best tool to seal the deal and ensure the sale.

A sign company can't look at each sign as just another tool in your marketing arsenal. A quality sign company sees each sign as the ultimate way to give you the most value for your dollar. Don't unnecessarily spend thousands on other forms of marketing or advertising to make up for the lack of awareness caused by poor craftsmanship or placement. A sign company that understands branding, use of logos, color match, branding standards and more will do the job right the first time, drive home your brand and save you money in the long haul.

For more information on franchise solutions and how a good sign company such as The Sign Center can help you, please click here.

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