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Commercial Signage: Lighted signs, carved signs, what's the right sign?

Posted by Gary Baron on Fri, Jun 1, 2012 @ 03:01 PM

Whether you're starting your own business from scratch, opening a local franchise or managing the new location of a major corporation, there's one concern that every single business share.

Making sure people know where you are and who are are.

Regardless of your size or brand, there's one solution to that problem for everyone...signage.

However, the question of what kind of sign works best for you and your brand is where the differences emerge. Different types of signs provide different values and levels of branding.

Let's take a look at some of the options available in commercial signage to determine what works best for your business:

Lighted Signs - When you want your message to really stand out from the crowd, especially once the sun goes down, you'll want to look into lighted signs. These signs attract the eye and get passers-by to focus on your business.

Anyone looking specifically for your logo won't be able to miss it and those traveling by won't be able to help but notice it.

Neon is a mainstay of the lighted sign world but LED is also an extremely viable option, one that has changed the landscape of lighted signs. It may be worth the investment given the opportunities LED presents to making your business stand out from the crowd.

Carved Signs - If you're located near a street or want to give you signage some depth, a carved sign may work best for you. A quality carved sign showcases attention to detail and craftsmanship, qualities that you want people to associate with your brand and business.

Carved signs are often gilded, sandblasted, painted with vinyl graphics or lighted and any good sign company can provide these services to make your brand pop as potential customers drive by.

With carved signs, it's important to make sure the substrates are designed not to warp. That would allow paint to crack, which could lead to peeling.

Painted Signs - If you want to give your brand or business a real hand-crafted or personal touch, how about a painted sign. There's an attention to detail that comes across in a painted sign that customers truly appreciate.

Signs can be strictly paint or include vinyl graphics, painted graphics or even digital graphics.

Monument Signs
- Is your business inside a plaza or shopping center. Stand out from the crowd with this elegant option that creates immediate brand awareness and provides an air of professionalism perfect for any office or company.

Quality monument signs are made from weather-resistant material that withstands climate changes and remains as-is for years. A well-crafted sign should stand the test of time.

Dimensional Signs - Does every business around you have the same-old lettering and font on their signs? Stand out with dimensional letters and signs that make your logo and company name instantly eye-catching.

There's little to limit what kind of dimensional look you want. Various metal and acrylics are available and you can choose between flush-mounted or stud-mounted options to see which one works best for you.

Framed Aluminum Signs - Need a sign that really pops but don't have a budget to go nuts with? Then you might want to try a framed aluminum sign. Put your company info on an aluminum sheet with graphics, surrounded by angle aluminum framing and all of a sudden you've got a great sign that will stand the test of time without costing you an arm and a leg.

There are quite a few more options out there for you so I suggest you check out a quality sign company near you to find out what they can do to help your shout your branding and message to the rooftops!

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Putting your name on a building will improve your branding

Posted by Gary Baron on Sat, Jan 21, 2012 @ 10:27 AM

If you run a business you don’t need anyone to tell you that it is a jungle out there. The economy is tough and competition is cutthroat. With more than 27 million small businesses out there all vying for a piece of the pie, establishing and marketing your own unique brand is more important now than ever. That means making sure all of your branding and marketing materials, from the font on your outdoor signs to the slogan that prints on your cash register receipt, speaks with one voice.

A significant way that you may improve your brand is by putting your name on your building. Granted, building signs don’t come cheap, and there are plenty of sign ordinances and city codes you have to pay attention to, but the rewards typically far out-weigh the expenses. One major benefit of having your name on your building is the perception of permanence in the minds of your customers. Nobody wants to do business with a fly-by-night, and that sense of permanence can encourage both new and repeat business. Outdoor signs on your building can inform potential customers about the type of products and services you offer and can also help your customers to locate you.

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5 Things to Consider While Selecting LED Signs

Posted by Gary Baron on Mon, Aug 8, 2011 @ 09:54 AM

  1. Signage can bring in hundreds of new clients, but if that signage does not grab the attention of those possible clients then purchasing the advertising space goes right down the drain. Choosing the correct LED signs will lead to a large boost in business.

  2. The first thing to consider with this type of signage is distance. Do you want to put the sign by the road where drivers will pass by it? Will they be going too fast to even see it? Signage might not be best on the highway if drivers are traveling at a fast speed. The rule of thumb for LED signs is that every inch equates to ten feet so a three inch letter is seen from thirty feet away. You want potential clients to be able to quickly read the sign, comprehend the message and not drive off of the road while seeing the sign.

  3. Reading the sign is also of utmost importance. LED signage can be used in both outdoor and indoor areas, but the most important part of the location is exactly what the sign SAYS. How many rows and letters will effectively target the audience? LED signs usually best allow a height of eight pixels and a width of six pixels for every line of text. Some use the Pixel Matrix of multiplying the number of pixels vertically by the number of pixels horizontally to create the best viewable signage.

  4. The third thing to consider is color. You want the sign to stand out, but you also don't want it to take over a client's eyes. The best thing people can do with LED signs is use the company branding and colors to attract the clients whether driving or walking.

  5. Resolution is the next thing to consider with LED signs. The degree of sharpness and clarity will give a direct result to clients streaming in the door. You want them to fully understand the signage and know why they are coming in the store. This can mean a high cost if there is too much focus on the resolution, but the business should be fine just watching the height, text and color of the overall LED sign.

    After considering all that you want your sign to say and do, figuring out if you want it inside or outside is best. Most LED signs are best used outside to attract clients. If a sign needs to be seen from the street sometimes even an outdoor sign is used for best exposure. Outdoor signs are weatherproof and do not fade. Indoor signs can usually be seen in commercial lighting, but not strong enough for the outdoors.

    Overall LED signs are used to drive customers in to the business. People love color and text that seems to draw them into the realm of new adventure. Your LED sign can do just this if all of these tips are followed. Get ready for the in your business!
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