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Tips for Rental Property Management on signage

Posted by Gary Baron on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

The first consideration for creation of for lease signage is durability.  Rental properties are being marketed continually, and should therefore be of adequate quality to survive long periods of exposure to the elements.  Don’t let a cut-rate price turn your head for a short term solution to your long range needs.  Property signage experts can provide you with expert advice on quality and durability of this major purchase.

Another  factor is the specific size of the property signage.  Most areas have code that governs the maximum allowable size and also a maximum height.  If you don’t already know those specific codes, you need to research the topic.  Most residential covenants specify this information, but for commercial property, the zoning ordinances may contain the information, or you might also extract the information through your  official county government website.  You want the largest sign allowable to maximize visibility.  When marketing your property, you certainly don’t want to go to the expense and creative effort, only to receive a warning from the local zoning board demanding the sign’s removal.

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