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Taylor Rental chooses The Sign Center for their new vehicle graphics!

Posted by Gary Baron on Tue, Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:15 AM

The Sign Center partnered with Taylor Rental, the premier fullservice rentalcompany in central and northernNewJersey, to provide the company's new vehicle graphics for their commercial fleet. We custom design each vehicle graphic to match the purpose of the vehicle while ensuring a consistent brand message for Taylor Rental. 

Customizing Your Message
Taylor Rental offers a wide range of rental services, a hallmark of their company identity since 1969 when they first opened. Clients can take care of all their rental needs from party supplies to power tools to medical equipment. This wide range of services attracts a wide range of clients.

Taylor Rental's vehicle wraps, therefore, must showcase the range of services they provide as well. The wraps for the party division of their company features a party tent, with a view of tables, chairs and lighting you need to accompany a party tent rental. 

The individualized wrap highlights the party services of the larger company while still promoting the company as a whole. 

Mobile Marketing
Vehicle graphics, like the graphics Taylor Rental has chosen for their fleet, spread your company's marketing message much further than traditional marketing message and to a broader audience that might not otherwise have known about the services Taylor Rental offers. 

For example, as the company's party division van drops off or picks up equipment from an event, guests at the event will see the graphics, know the company offers party rental services, and also get the important information they need to contact the company themselves. 

Taylor Rental vehicle wraps include:
  • The company name;
  • A phone number;
  • A website to contact the company;
  • And a short list of the services the company offers in addition to party equipment rentals.

Essentially, the fleet comprise a moving billboard attracting new customers or old customers unfamiliar with other services Taylor Rental might provide. 

Think Outside the Sign
At The Sign Center, we encourage our clients, like our partners at Taylor Rentals, to think about signage in more creative ways. Vehicle wraps and graphics are one way to think differently about how to incorporate signage into your marketing business model. 

Awnings, banners, wall graphics, and pop up stands and displays also take your brand message beyond simple directional signs or signs to announce your location. Signage becomes a part of your overall marketing message when it's incorporated into every aspect of your business, particularly those aspects that have a physical presence, like your company fleet. 

Join with our new partner Taylor Rental and see what vehicle graphics and wraps can do for your company. 

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Hall's Garden Center of Berkeley Heights chooses The Sign Center for their new vehicle graphics

Posted by Gary Baron on Tue, Jul 2, 2013 @ 02:16 PM

Hall's Garden Center of Berkeley Heights has chosen The Sign Center to create their vehicle and building graphics. The vehicle graphics and building sign mirror the garden center's cohesive graphics message, brings a new presence into the community, and draws customers to the center with simple marketing messages. 

A Strong Brand Message
Hall's Garden Center has a simple logo with clean graphics and the outline of a gingko biloba leaf. The beautiful, simple graphic has a presence on their website, mobile site and printed materials. Now the message extends to the delivery and service vehicles the garden center uses as well.

Each step a business takes to make a brand message consistent throughout the customer experience strengthens the brand. For example, a customer who visits Hall's website first can easily recognize the garden center when visiting for the first time because the graphics look exactly the same. Customers know they have come to the right place.

Enhancing Community Presence 
Hall's Garden Center offers many services that take their vehicles into the community. This includes their florist department, delivery, design and build services, and "helping hand" service to assist customers building and assembling their purchases.

When the garden center's vehicles go out into the community to provide these services, their vehicle graphics enhance their presence and show the garden center as an active part of a neighborhood. Potential customers will see Hall's as a service that exists beyond just a nursery or shopping destination. 

Marketing Made Easy
Businesses are always on the lookout for new marketing opportunities. Vehicle graphics provide a quick, easy and simply way to extend a marketing campaign. 

The vehicle wrap we completed for Hall's Garden Center includes the basic information any potential customer would need to know about a business:
  • The name and logo;
  • A phone number for the business;
  • The business address;
  • And website addresses for both the garden center and the florist service.

Potential customers who see the vehicles learn everything they need to know about the garden center and can immediately take action to interact with the business either by calling the center or using their mobile device to visit the website. 

The benefit of this sort of marketing is that it fits under the inbound marketing umbrella. It doesn't bug potential customers with unsolicited messages. Vehicles simply go about their business attracting attention from customers looking for a garden service. 

Hall's Garden Center has built up their brand, developed a community presence and enhanced their marketing campaign through a partnership with The Sign Center. How can we help you achieve your business goals?

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Approved Chimney selects The Sign Center for vehicle graphics

Posted by Gary Baron on Thu, Jun 20, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

The Sign Center is excited to announce our latest partnership, working with Approved Chimney to provide vehicle graphics for their service vehicles. Vehicle graphics provide a business with several advantages that Approved Chimney will benefit from. They enhance a company's overall presence on the road, increase their visibility in the community and improve their brand recognition. 

Enhance Your Presence
Approved Chimney's vehicle graphics will first and foremost enhance their presence on the road and in the communities they serve. The graphics transform the van from an anonymous service vehicle to a traveling advertisement. 

This kind of passive advertising asks nothing of the potential customer and requires very little of the business. But, it can have a large impact on people who see the van. Perhaps they may not need chimney sweeping and cleaning services now, but may at some point. 

Or, seeing an Approved Chimney van may remind some people that they have neglected their chimney. They can call the contact number on the van right then and there to schedule an appointment or visit the company's website on their smart phone. 

Increase Your Visibility
In these days of heightened attention to security, companies can make a smart choice to clearly label all their fleet cars, trucks and vans. Service company vehicles spend their time in neighborhoods and residents want to know who is coming and going. 

Approved Chimney's vehicle graphics proudly announce who the company is, what services they provide and how to contact them. Local residents who see an Approved Chimney van coming into the neighborhood can rest easy that it's not just an anonymous van, but a service vehicle with a purpose. 

Improve Your Brand Recognition
A company's brand is one of its strongest assets. The brand is much more than a logo, extending into everything a company does from its website to its business cards to its uniforms. Vehicle graphics can improve brand recognition by taking the brand into the community. 

The vehicle graphics on Approved Chimney's vans exactly match the company's logo, font and colors so customers can immediately recognize the van when it arrives to perform a service. The Sign Center strongly believes in adhering to a company's brand standards for any vehicle graphics, signs and displays to ensure that seamless experience for customers. 

Vehicle graphics may not seem like an important business strategy. However, these graphics have the ability to raise your profile in a community and attract business and customers, all without really doing anything. 

Approved Chimney will reap the benefits of their new vehicle graphics. How can vehicle graphics help your company?

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