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A sign that you maybe losing money is your lobby directory…

Posted by Gary Baron on Wed, Aug 3, 2011 @ 02:37 PM

Imagine this:  a client gets to your buildingbuckets of money resized 600 looking to spend a large amount of money with your business but can’t find your offices and he leaves the building in frustration taking his money with him. 

What a tragedy! 

All of the time, energy, and money spent to lure in this client has just gone to waste.  How could this have been prevented?  Directory signs would have prevented this from happening.  A good sign directing the client or potential clients to your location can be looked upon as a wonderful selling tool. 

Placement of the sign is obviously very important but at least as important is the content of the sign.    A company’s individual logo will stand out on the sign so that it doesn’t get lost amongst the other businesses in the building, particularly in larger buildings which may accommodate many businesses in many offices.  In this case the importance of conspicuous signage can’t be over stated. 

These signs should be placed prominently in the lobby of a building so that clients can’t help but see them the very first second that they walk through the door.  They can direct potential clients straight to your location making themselves even more valuable.  

Directory signs should use large printing and be easy to understand.  The easiest way to make sure that the sign is effective is to ask yourself:  “If I had never been in this building before could I easily find my way to any business within the building”?  If you can answer this question with a definite “yes”, then the sign does its job. 

Good directory signs can act as a receptionist and a salesperson that puts clients in the office.

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