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Building Signs for Facility ManagersIf you are a facility manager for a property in North Jersey, you need building signs locals will recognize and remember. Building signs come in all sizes and shapes. Plus, we work with all kinds of materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, sign foam, vinyl, and more. Our friendly professionals will help you pick the right materials for your job. Whether you have a new organization that is looking for one of a kind signage to market and brand your enterprise or you just want to update current markers, The Sign Center can assist you in presenting the professional appearance you want.

Types of Building Signs

When someone refers to a building sign, they typically mean markers featuring a name and logo that are attached directly to the façade of a building. However, it can also refer to other signage that is used to identify a property. Some of the most popular kinds of exterior buildings signs for North Jersey are:

  • Channel Letters – Channel letter signs come in both illuminated and non-illuminated varieties. We can customize these markers to match your enterprise’s typeface and colors. For our channel letters, we use high gauge aluminum that is water tight to protect against the North Jersey elements.
  • Cabinet Lightbox Signs – Top quality extruded aluminum is used to create our cabinet lightbox signs. We also use durable paint with a powder coating. Cabinet signs get their signature appearance with the use of plastic or acrylic push through elements. These can be mounted to your building or on a pylon.
  • Monument Signs for Facility ManagersPanel Signs – Panel signs are generally made out of aluminum composite panels with a cut or digitally printed vinyl face. However, sign foam and acrylic can be used to create a dimensional look. Though these signs do not usually have illumination, we can use spotlighting or landscape lights to make them visible at night.
  • Monument Signs – You can direct customers to your building while building brand awareness with monument signs. They are the most recognizable type of signage and are often used as landmarks.
  • Pylon Signs – These markers are part monument sign and part lightbox sign. They are mounted on a tall pylon that allows people to find you from miles away. This is a particularly popular option near freeways.
  • Blade Signs – Blade signs work best in areas with heavy foot traffic. They stick out perpendicular to the building, so people can read them as they walk down the sidewalk. They are typically made of aluminum composite panels to stand up against North Jersey winters.
  • Post and Panel Signs – Post and panel sign systems are perfect for directional signage applications, site identification, and wayfinding. There are models to fit every situation. Markers can be personalized with designer post caps, wordbars, decorative posts, custom shaped toppers and panels, special paint colors and finishes, and more.

Areas We Serve

The Sign Center covers all of North Jersey and we also offer building signs for facility managers nationwide. From our shop in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, we design, fabricate, install, and maintain high quality signs for New Providence, Stirling, Plainfield, Millington, Wachung, and every place in between. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote on building signs.

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