Safety Signs

safetyglassesAs a facility manager, it is crucial that you protect the most important assets on your property: the visitors, workers, and clientele. This makes it imperative that you clearly label your building with safety signs to make certain you are in business for many years to come. The Sign Center has plenty of experience helping North Jersey property managers identify what signage is needed and providing them with high quality solutions.

To allow for the safe use of your facilities, you are responsible for adequately marking potential hazards and dangerous areas throughout your building. You are leaving yourself open to potential lawsuits if you do not. For instance, all visitors to your building need to know that when there is a fire, they must use the stairs. Areas where there are toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials should be labeled with clearly visible signs. Emergency exit routes also need to be easily accessible.

Types of Safety Signs

Safety markers come in all sizes, materials, and shapes. There are also several different mounting alternatives. The safety signs we provide are simple to mount without help for the most part. However, we can install them for you. Some of the most requested signs we offer are:

  • safetysigns17Hand Washing – Help stop the spread of germs by reminding those who use your restroom facilities to wash their hands.
  • Fire Safety – Use signage that directs building inhabitants to fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency exit routes, and fire exits.
  • No Entry – These include “Security Only,” surveillance, and “No Trespassing” signs that keep visitors out of secure areas.
  • Custom Labels and Safety Signs – If your facility has unique needs that are not covered by the standard signage options or you just want to include your branding, we can custom design any signs or labels.
  • OSHA Safety Labels and Signs – The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has a number of rules and regulations regarding what signage you must have in a workplace. We are familiar with the law and make sure you are compliant.
  • ADA Signs – In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to make your facility easily accessible to people of all abilities. This includes having special signage that is easy to ready.
  • No Smoking or Vaping – Help visitors avoid having to put up with secondhand smoke by gently pointing out the smoke-free areas. And, with the growing popularity of vaping, show where this is not allowed.
  • Exits and Entrances – To keep people from wandering into areas where they do not belong, make it clear where they can enter and exit your building.
  • And many more

Do not worry if you do not see what you need here. We can create any signage imaginable with our innovative equipment.

Areas We Serve

All of North Jersey is served by The Sign Center. We install, design, maintain, and manufacture top quality signage for Millington, New Providence, Wachung, Plainfield, Stirling, and every place in between from our shop in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. For a free quote and consultation on facility management safety signs, contact us today!

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